Welcome to a New Semester!

Good morning!

This morning, I’m sitting outside, thinking about the wonderful future we have this semester. One of my favorite things about college is how easy it is to start over–we get to do that every semester. Students can reinvent themselves, instructors can try new methods, and friends can make new bonds, all because we start over.

As stated in our course description, we are focused on developing our thoughts regarding human interaction. At each moment of the day, we are communicating, regardless of awareness, regardless of intention, regardless of whether we say anything. Even in our sleep, we are communicating to others that our bodies need rest. It’s truly amazing how pervasive communication is to our lives.

So, this semester, I hope to communicate through our Introduction to Oral Communication course–with my learners and co-creators of meaning–how vital communicating is to our daily existence. I hope you are excited for this 16-week journey, too!