5th tip… Thanks, Leslie

I promised a student I would add one more tip for the Extended Response Questions. (Granted, she was being a tiny bit sarcastic when she asked, but in an attempt to be helpful, I do what I can!)

Tip #5: Remember that each extended response question in the unit tests is worth 10 points, or roughly 20% of your test grade. That means you have to be clear, concise, and focused with your responses.

Students who tend to perform best on my exams have figured out how to approach the question LONG before they actually write their response. For that reason, I typically provide scratch paper at the beginning of the test.

In a related suggestion, I do encourage students to read the extended response questions first, then seek out information throughout the test that might be helpful in responding to the question.

Keep planning ahead–knowing your strategy is frequently one of the best ways to build confidence!

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