Preparing for Unit 1 Test: Format

The following comes from my syllabus:

Tests include multiple-choice and extended-response questions. You must know and be able to apply materials from your book, regardless of coverage during class. The lowest unit test score is dropped; NO make-up exams offered.

Electronic devices must be silenced and put away during tests and the final. Otherwise, a score of ZERO (0) is earned.

For this semester, I have restructured the tests to have a 30/20 format. That is to say, 30 points of each unit test will derive from multiple choice or true-false questions, and 20 points will derive from extended-response. Keep in mind that extended response refers to questions whose responses need to have more detail than a short answer question, but will not require a full essay.

There will be no bonus questions on the tests. Instead, I provide students with 30 objective questions, usually in some varied order or structure, all of which get to the essentials of the text and our discussions. The extended response questions provide students with two opportunities to make connections between materials from various components.

Again, keep reading these posts for additional tips, tricks, and guidance. It’s your grade, your future, and your choice!


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