Laptops & Note-taking

It seems that yesterday was the day to report all sorts of interesting data about classroom notes using technology. When I opened my Facebook page, I discovered a host of related articles. Tell me what you think in the comments section. I’m especially intrigued by the article from the Chronicle for Higher Education, written by an instructor who discourages students from using technology for note-taking purposes. 

Scientific American article article

Psychological Science article

Chronicle for Higher Education article

Again, read through an article or two, then share your thoughts. What is beneficial about using technology in this way? What is concerning? Do you use laptops or other devices? Do you get distracted by them (even with the best intentions)?

One thought on “Laptops & Note-taking

  1. Taking notes with a computer or other electronic device can be very helpful in the sense that we will be able to take more detailed notes. On the other hand i have gathered that people remember more when they write with a pen or pencil. I know i do look over my notes more often when they are hand written verses taking notes with my computer. Solving this debate is to simply buy a new “iPEN” from apple because it lets you take notes on paper while the pen is transferring everything you write to your phone.


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