She didn’t teach me…

This article caught my attention this morning, as it landed in my inbox. I am curious what you have to say about it. Take a few minutes to read through it, then share your thoughts in the comments.

Keep in mind that comments need to remain professional, appropriate, and considerate. Do not bash the author or another individual who comments. 

2 thoughts on “Self-learning…

  1. As a teacher I see where students believe that they don’t have to think of their own answers the teacher needs to provide them. I think a little frustration is good and gets them thinking on their own without me. I am not there when they take a standardized test and they need to know how to figure out solutions without me.


    • Justy, thank you for chiming in!

      I agree that frustration can be a great asset to the learning process. Not only do students choose their response (flee or dig in their heels), but also they are given the opportunity to explain their rationale for an example or a concept. By doing this, students are FAR more likely to retain new knowledge, as well as participate in the community of learners we instructors hope to create. The classroom environment is far more engaging for both students and the instructor when everyone takes part.

      Although I don’t like to ever admit it, even instructors can sometimes be wrong or may not have the best examples. Students often are the source of explanations or revisions I provide each semester. Until they provide me with their insights, I may be using an example that has little or no relevance to them. That only furthers the divide between instructor and student, making it seem like we’re unapproachable or ineffective.


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