Straddling two worlds… semesters…

It never fails that toward the end of the semester, I begin to find my mind split between two realities.

  1. The current reality is full of students who are around me, attempting to regain lost ground (or hold their ground) as the semester comes to a close. These students may have had struggles throughout the semester, but suddenly realize that grades are an inevitable consequence of the actions, positive or negative.
  2. The alternate reality is one in which I am working diligently toward the next group of students, the ones who are yet to come. This is the one that goes perfectly–at least in theory. I spend my days planning how it will look, how assignments may go, what I will do, how students will respond…

Between these two worlds, I wander in and out, exploring how to improve what I’m doing currently, but also ever-mindful of what could be in the near future.

I’m curious if students feel the same sense of displacement, or if it’s only instructors.

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