The Art of Debate

A very interesting and appropriate discussion on debate. This is, sadly, one of the things I see most frequently ill-utilized in our culture. Either a lack of information, or a lack of care frequently seem to be at the heart of the matter. Empathy and critical listening skills are essential for this to work.

A Nerd For All Seasons

Ah more backlash in the news, this time because Jack Monroe (A Girl Called Jack – single mother who clawed her way out of poverty) dared to suggest that David Cameron uses the death of his son to avoid questions on selling off the NHS.

Cue hundreds of people sending abuse her way about how heartless she is, how karma should have her die, or delightfully, how her child should die because of her tweet. And some say that it’s Americans that don’t understand irony…

At the same time my partner is having a running twitter argument with UKIP supporters who accuse her of being bigoted because she says she’d have trouble being friends with someone who had racist or sexist views. Yes…

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