Key topic: Frame of Reference

A key topic in our class this semester has been Frame of Reference. In preparing for your final exam, you might begin by trying to remember what this topic is. To jog your memory, you may recall that our Frame of Reference is more than just experiences (after all, we have those every day–but not all of them shape us to the same extent). It’s ultimately our world view, which is shaped by different aspects of our lives.

The second thing to remember with Frame of Reference is developed by a combination of factors, from our family structure to our education. We are shaped by our biological sex (male or female), as well as our sociological gender (masculine, feminine, and everything in between). We are especially influenced by each relationship we have, as well as those that terminate. Ultimately, it is all the baggage we bring with us–the good, the bad, the ugly, and the indifferent.

Finally, you might want to review how Frame of Reference influences us in all components of our communication. Think about how it affects our perceptions, our hearing, our speaking, our nonverbal messages, and more.


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