Discussion, or idea exchange

Like my students, I am constantly learning new things. For me, though, learning is about finding new ways to enhance what I already know to be effective.

With that in mind, I have subscribed to several forums and posts that promote college classroom instructional methods. I don’t just let them flood my inbox, though, and I don’t read every post by every blog each day. I review the things that appear meaningful to me, allowing the idea to grab my attention, then lead me to the learning.

With that in mind, a post came to my inbox today that focused on three ways to enhance classroom discussions. I immediately opened it, and began skimming. I will be using some of these methods this semester, because I want to improve the way our classes function.

For that reason, it becomes all the more imperative that students read and comprehend as much of the class readings as possible before arriving for our face-to-face time. Please, use the readings to enhance what you know about communication, then build upon it for your own skill set.

I will expect you to have thoughts and ideas. I already anticipate that at times, your experiences will lead you to different understandings. We will use our textbook as a guide as to what those who spend their time researching communication understand to be the best practices approach. That is to say, we will see the text as a reference guide to what works most effectively, and what research tells us is most commonly done.

What our discussions become, then, is a chance for you to share your ideas and insights with others. Use them to help us gain in knowledge and experience. That means that you have to be ready with your own ideas. To form your ideas, you must take in information from others. We all work together and will learn more this way!

Be ready to think, to share, to talk, and to reflect on these ideas!

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