Obscure Terms of Chapter 2

A few times each semester, students will ask me about where I come up with my test questions. Here’s a tip: read the textbook carefully, because I find truly every question in the book. Sometimes, the questions are taken directly from the examples. Sometimes, they are analogous situations, used to reinforce a concept without being directly repetitive of the text.

I really encourage students to review in chapter 2 pages 27-28, which has five terms that are used to describe how we interpret information as we process it.

One of the most difficult concepts is prototype. Basically, we are talking about the first thing that pops into our head when we think about something. For example, the first type of dog we think about would be a prototype… and we compare all other dogs to that ideal.

Just a thought, but read these terms closely and bring questions to class next week. When we cover chapter 2!


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