Slang & Jargon, Part 2

I simply couldn’t leave this topic alone when I found another video that I thought might be helpful to you.

This second video stems from a Technical Writing course, but the concepts apply very closely to what we discuss in our course about oral communication. One thing I would STRONGLY recommend is that you pay close attention to the gentleman’s explanation of audience. We must understand the audience to whom we are communicating in order to be most effective in determining our use of language.

Plainly and simply: if you speak with your classmates in the hallway, slang might be appropriate, but the same wouldn’t be true of your boss. Similarly, the terms you use at work may be suitable in that environment, but not logical in a family dinner conversation.

Sometimes, our use of language is dictated by the topic. If you are presenting a speech to your class on a very technical topic, you may NEED to use jargon to be accurate. With that accuracy comes a responsibility, however, to explain that term (or all terms) to your audience in a way they can understand.

Watch this video to learn more!


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