A very interesting short news story on the concept of proxemics, or the use of space with others. Remember that this use of space is cultural, meaning that based upon your cultural and regional background, you may see a situation which requires closer space than your communication partners.

Review the textbook, but you may also recall that there are basics expectations within our culture for our use of space. Even with those expectations, however, we suspend the rules regularly, especially in public forums. Think about the ways in which we ignore the space “rules” in particular environments, such as:

  • Public transportation (buses, subways, airplanes)
  • Elevators
  • Escalators
  • Checkout lines (a.k.a. “queues”)

Even with that, I want to remind you of the basic guidelines. Here’s a small JPEG that will help you kind of remember the format we discuss:

Proxemics (use of space)

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