The Power of Words: The GOOD

Last year (2014), I began a new tradition for myself, altering a long-held fight with resolutions that didn’t work or make sense. Inspired by an interesting news brief on a morning show, and fueled by several months of a frustrating personal life, I became resolute and returned to the one thing that has always been a constant in my life: words.

As we get ready to begin talking about verbal messages next week (for most of my sections; some are already past this topic), I suddenly realized I had yet to pick my words for this year. Last year, my words were “warrior” and “thrive.” These words had very personal meaning for me, as all words will for each of us. We may use a word in a denotative way with others, but when it comes to a word’s essence, we have personal attachment to certain words; they ignite a fire in us, showing us the truth of ourselves.

I chose “warrior” last year primarily because of the personal life challenges I had faced. After several failed attempts in dating, even more failed attempts at building friendships, and a constant fluctuation in weight, I realized that if there was one thing true about me, it was that I am a fighter. I will continue to be the best possible self I can be. I will continue to pursue my needs, my hopes, and my goals, regardless of the support of others, and with or without someone by my side.

“Thrive” came about more from my professional life. I was ending my second year of teaching full-time, and I was ready to move beyond my basics. I deserved to have an opportunity to be the best I could be in my field and my discipline. With that in mind, I decided that I wanted to go beyond mere survival and pursue the BEST me I can be: thriving.

I haven’t yet officially selected my 2015 words, but I have been mulling over some ideas. I’ll try to share those with you here when I get them selected. In the mean time, understand this: Each of us has words that make us feel good about ourselves. Some words remind us of our goals. Others help us see our potential. Select at least one word that will be your focus for the rest of this semester. Who do you WANT to be?


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    This is a post I did early in the year when reflecting on the chapter over Verbal Communication. I encourage you to review it! I’ll have a couple of follow-up posts, as well!


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