HINT HINT HINT… “POP” Review Test coming up

I won’t say when yet, but your class will be having a “review test” regarding Unit 1 materials (chapters 1-5) in the next week or two. What you should know, if you want to begin preparing:

  1. All materials from chapters 1-5 are fair game
  2. This bonus point opportunity could improve your Test 1 grade
  3. You won’t know until the day I give it when it’s happening

I reserve the right to present this review test on different days, in different formats, and with different questions for each of my sections. It’s a ONE TIME opportunity.

My suggestion to you:

  1. Review chapters 1-5 (especially the most-commonly missed questions I covered after your first test)
  2. Make a quick reference sheet or note cards for yourself
  3. Bring a pencil every day to class
  4. Be ready…

Those of you who subscribe to the blog get an advantage of knowing this is going to happen, even if you don’t know precisely when…

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