Outlining Tips

Here’s a short video about how to organize and outline your presentation to make the most of your brief time in front of the audience. I will admit, however, that I disagree with one of the speaker’s key ideas: you MUST avoid directly sharing your intention (specific purpose) when you preview your key points. This is primarily true with persuasive presentations, because when we are told we are going to be persuaded, we tend to mentally shut down.

Think, for example, when a car salesperson tells you they are GOING to sell you a car. Instantly, we may feel defiant, or feel our guard go way up. That’s because we are not inclined to be “told what to do” in many regards. For that reason, we should especially avoid this during a persuasive presentation.

The same, however, is not true with informative presentations. I encourage you to tell us that you will inform us about your topic. That’s a great idea! But choose your words wisely. I’ll share more about that idea in another post. For now, here’s the video on organizing and outlining.


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