Description Speech: Three Examples

For these samples, I went to a colleague’s campus speech samples they present on their YouTube page. California State University, Los Angeles requires a speech in each section that has to do with a cultural artifact. The samples I provide here are not perfect–they are REAL. That’s the important factor to me: I want you to see what ACTUAL presenters do, both effectively and ineffectively.

As you watch each of these, you need to take note of the positive and negative aspects of each presenter and speech. What do they do effectively? What could they do to improve?

Sample 1: Cultural Artifact-Paper Mache Doll

Sample 2: B-Boy Culture

Sample 3: Notebook Cultural Artifact

Once again, these are imperfect, which is one of the chief reasons you need to view them. Regardless of their preparation and thought toward the project, every presenter can improve. Maybe they don’t have enough sources yet–maybe the information they present is not gripping. Nonverbal cues they use may or may not effectively keep us engaged with the materials. You CAN do this!

Review the assignment closely, if this is your type of presentation, and be sure to follow the assignment instructions carefully if you want to earn the most points!


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