Definition Speech: 3 Examples

The final samples for the informative presentations focus on definition speeches. I had to really search for some examples of this, but I think the ones we have here are a fairly representative sampling of what you can do with this project. Please take time to watch these carefully, ESPECIALLY if your section is set to present a speech of definition.

As always, because I select student-presented speech samples, they are likely to have errors and flaws in them. I don’t want you to see “perfect” speeches, but REAL speeches. Ones that work only in the context of their classroom and assignment. Hopefully, this helps you!

Sample 1: Speech of Definition – Oriflamme

ONE NOTE on the above speech: it’s designed more as a persuasive element than as an informative. Be aware of this as you watch!

Sample 2: Bulimia

ONE NOTE on the above speech: it doesn’t quite meet the actual speech time, because of the nearly 1-minute preparation offered by the speaker. Consider this as you watch.

Sample 3: First Degree and Second Degree Murder

Again, this one is a little short, but it DOES give you an idea of the options available.

Remember that as you watch these, you need to be critically listening to the message. What does the speaker do effectively? What things would probably earn a deduction in your current assignment. It may help to watch with a copy of theĀ scoring guide in hand.

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