What you get out is what you put in…

It is officially speech week. After yesterday, I have heard roughly 15-20% of the students present their information. Some good reminders to help you along the way:

  • Show up!*
  • Don’t procrastinate; use this week for “finishing touches,” not major efforts
  • Don’t second-guess your topic this week
  • Presentation aids should be ready before you walk into the room
  • Yes, you must orally cite every source in your Works Cited page
  • Your earned grade depends greatly on what you have done the last 5 weeks

*I have to include this particular reminder for 2 reasons:

  1. You must submit your final draft of the proposal/outline/works cited document on the first day of the speeches to be eligible for full credit
  2. Absences only move the speaking order up (meaning you might miss your chance)

In my first day of speech week, there were approximately 15 absences in three classes. Each class had at least one early-schedule presenter missing, meaning that everyone else moved up. Historically, students who are absent will not improve their score on the presentation with 2 extra days. Rather, they become more anxiety-driven, which ultimately lowers their performance level.

In case you wonder, too, here’s a little advice from Calvin & Hobbes (one of my favorite comic strips in existence)…

Calvin & Hobbes


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