When Speech Week is Interrupted

One of the most frustrating challenges I have ever faced teaching Introduction to Oral Communication has happened this week. Our speech week was interrupted because of inclement weather. *cue shocking music*

I generally am able to roll with the punches, as are my students, but this will be a big challenge. What it means is that each day of presentations is somehow set back just a little. And when students have left their presentation aids on campus (out of fear of forgetting them at home), they have also lost the opportunity to practice with their presentation aids.

Here are my tips for surviving, if your class is adjusted during speech week, students:

  1. Review your speaker notes thoroughly
  2. If you left your speaker notes at school, you need to rewrite them EXPRESSLY so you can practice
  3. Practice presenting, even without your aid
  4. Review the grading criteria

I will say that I have had 2 students this week who have earned scores of over 95 on their speech delivery. That’s not only impressive, it’s a clear sign of effective practice. Take their example and rehearse, rehearse, rehearse!


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