Introducing REVEL (your eText)

I’ll be honest when I say that I have looked forward more to this year’s instruction than I could ever have imagined. Yes, the changes of the classroom and office are exciting and different, but the real change that has made me hopeful for our scholars is the addition of the REVEL platform for our textbook.

In addition to the standard print text that my students have used in previous semesters, we added an online version of the text, which allows students enrolled in Introduction to Oral Communication to access their textbook whenever and wherever they have access to the web! This alone means that scholars in this course have full access to the course content wherever they are!

If you are wondering how to get started with REVEL, I am including a link, below from Pearson (our publisher). This is directly from their help desk, so it should be accurate!

I have included a PDF handout on eLearning in two locations (Week 1 Resources and Syllabus & Important Information) if you need additional guidance later.

Once you get registered, be sure you look around. This eText option has SO much great stuff, and we will be exploring some of these features during class.

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