Textbook Reading Hacks: Reading with a Purpose

Before you begin reading your textbook, start with a purpose in mind. What is it you want to accomplish by reading this part of the textbook? This is where chapter objectives come in very handy.

Below is a screenshot of your eText’s first chapter’s learning objectives.

Screen shot

I know, I know. What’s an objective? Simply put, it’s a goal. Objectives serve as a guide from the author to you on how to improve your reading of their text. Use these objectives as a checklist of what you should be getting from reading that part of the text.

Our book is set up in a very clear way. Each section has one objective. No more, no less. Generally, too, your chapters have about the same number of objectives (5-6), and the sections are very similar to each chapter. (I discuss this in an earlier post!)

Another great feature of our book is that the objective is repeated right under the section header, so you can be reminded as you go through what you should be looking for. Use that to your advantage.

When you finish reading a section, see if you can fulfill the objective the authors laid out for you. If you can, that’s great! You understand what they were trying to convey, and that puts you one step closer to being able to complete the task. If you can’t, go back to the objective, then see if you can figure out how they try to lead you toward the goal.

If you are still confused, come talk to me! It’s my job to help you make sense of the material–and I’m happy to do so!


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