Creating a Binder for Class

Some students are organization gurus. Others, well, not so much… I’ve got a few tips in this post to help you get organized early in the semester.

First, your printed textbook is hole-punched, so I recommend using the same binder for your book as for your other course materials.

Second, get tabbed dividers or page protectors. Seriously, it helps! Keep only ONE TYPE of item in each section. This will make it easier to find the stuff you need quickly. For example, in my reference binder, I have separate sections for:

  • Syllabus
  • Policy
  • Assignments
  • Book
  • Notes
  • Group project information
  • Persuasive Presentation information

You may vary slightly for your own needs, but probably 8-10 sections would be helpful.

If you decide to go the route of page protectors, keep the same mentality in mind: use one page protector for each document. You could even label the page protector to help you keep information organized.

Finally, some students like to go BIG with organization and mark the first page of each chapter of the textbook. Personally, I find this to be a GREAT idea because flipping through all those pages can be time consuming, especially if we are shifting between sections quickly. Some students have even used the Post-It (R) notes tabs that have lines so they can mark page numbers for sections or to write down quick questions they have.

Ultimately, whatever works for you is fine by me! But try to help your mid-semester self! Organizing now can really pay off in the long-run!

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