Chapter 1 Passage of Interest (POI)

Every once in a while, I find a passage that really speaks to me in the course textbook. Sometimes it’s a revolutionary way of thinking about a topic. Other times, it’s simply that something stands out because I have heard a term and that passage relates to the term in some way.

The latter is what happened when I read the first paragraph of the section of chapter 1 that focuses on Advantages of Studying Human Communication (pages 4 & 5). Specifically, I’m starting with the part that talks about a conversation we might have with a romantic partner.

When we discuss how we feel about a person, an idea, a course, an object, or anything, we consequently define it in relationship to everything else in our lives.

Think about it in this way: what is your favorite song in the world? Got one? Okay… now, WHY is it your favorite song?

Consider this aspect of your favorite song. What if your currently favorite song was recorded by someone else, an artist you don’t necessarily know well, or you don’t really like to listen to? Would it still be your favorite?

We have this idea that once we create a reality–based on all the circumstances that make the reality so–we have difficulty thinking about any possible alternatives. Our lover is our favorite person in the whole world, and when we say so, we redefine that relationship based upon all of our previous experiences. Our long-time best friend may no longer be our favorite person in the whole world–they have been “replaced” by our lover.

It’s such a cool and perspective-changing idea. What do you think? Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments!


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