Help with the first speech… start with the resources you have

With the first speech assignment coming up next week, I wanted to give you a couple of ideas to consider as you begin working on your introduction.

First, read through the assignment description thoroughly. I have tried to outline everything you need to know in order to start working on the project. In addition to the description, I have provided you a few guidelines of my expectations, including time limits, organization structure, and what sort of presentation aids you need.

Second, the presentation aids are vital to your effective introduction. The design of this particular speech requires that you focus on the objects you choose. Be sure that you pick things that are easily seen by a group of about 6 students (you’ll be presenting in small groups), and that they won’t require extra resources to function (electric outlets, projectors, etc.). Since you won’t have access to the projector for this project, keep it simple. A 5×7″ photograph is just as effective as plastering a photo on a big screen in this case.

Third, READ the pages assigned to you from the textbook AND use the Public Speaking Bar Chart you are required to purchase. Those will help you organize your information more effectively, if you follow the guidelines provided. We will be going over a little of this in class, but you will need to really begin work now.

As always, my office hours are for you to visit with me and I’m happy to respond to emailed questions regarding specifics. Keep me posted!

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