This is worth reading

As we start a new semester, I know it’s frustrating and challenging–both as a student and an instructor–to review the lists of expectations. Frequently, those lists are bound by a mentality of Thou shalt not! Unfortunately, that happens to be the case all too often, but after reading this article, this should be something I hope my students get to know about me.

I think you might really enjoy reading this article. I have to admit that I have been REALLY fortunate this semester so far. I have already had close to a dozen students stay after class, stop by my office, or otherwise come talk to me about a concern they have about their progression in the course. Even if it is as simple as asking how to log into the online textbook, it means a lot to me that students come by and talk with me about it.

Further, when students ask questions about how to work on their assignments or better understand the reading material, that makes me proud FOR you. You are so engaged in wanting to do good this semester, and that makes my heart proud! Keep up the great work!

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