Chapter 1 Discussions

For those of you who were in class yesterday and today, the conversations have been really helpful for clarifying the development of the communication process. I have really enjoyed learning with you about how communication has evolved over the years–how our understanding of our interactions has grown and developed.

A quick reminder of the models that developed:

  1. Linear model (sender, message, channel, receiver)
  2. Interaction model (added context and feedback to linear model)
  3. Transaction model (altered to sender/receivers, instead of one-focus only parties; morphed to constant interchange of message/feedback; added noise)
  4. Synergistic model (recognizes field of experience plays an important role in our interactions and that meaning is created between people during interactions)

Remember that the synergistic model is the focus of your textbook and what we will base all of our discussions of human interaction on. Therefore, you need to fully understand the 7 parts of the communication process in the synergistic model to be able to function this semester!

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