Providing feedback to peers: A reminder

As we went over the process of providing feedback to your peers in class this week, I wanted to remind you of the most basic principles of why I have you do this.

First, learning from others actually reinforces your understanding of who you are. By receiving feedback from your peers, you get a multi-faceted view of how others see you. This can ultimately enhance your ability to be an effective speaker if you follow their advice and input.

Second, by providing feedback in this way, you are learning how to help others become more effective. Learning how to offer both positive and negative feedback can enhance your ability to move ahead in the workplace. Lots of people in the workforce have no idea how to give effective feedback that will ultimately enhance another person’s productivity; you’re getting experience with it now!

Finally, by participating in this at an early stage of class, you have the bulk of the semester to become more self-aware and develop your skills as a presenter. I want you to be the BEST speaker you can be. The only way to become a better speaker is to practice and get feedback on how to make what you do better.

Keep working and being effective! I’m proud of you!


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