The Power of Words: The BAD

The second post… one that might tie equally well to the chapter on self-identity and perception.


This post is going to be slightly interactive: you will need some paper (or a note card), a pen, and an open mind. I’m going to start this post with a video clip from the 2004 movie Mean Girls.

Some of you may have seen this movie and hated it, while others consider it an essential to their movie collection. Regardless, pay close attention to Ms. Norbury’s words as the clip begins, specifically focusing on the idea of the power of insulting words. “When you call each other…, it makes it okay for guys to call you…”

Think about some of those words that we use to insult people around us, words that describe someone’s assertiveness, their drive, their affectional orientation (sexual orientation), their mental abilities, their family tree/lineage, their race… Write a few of those words on that card or paper you have. I’ll wait…

For some of you, that…

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