Bonus opportunity next week

For those of you who check the blog, this is your “heads up” for the upcoming bonus opportunity next week.

Be working intently on your research this week for your group project. You need to have some great sources planned out and ready to consider. If you have already started reviewing sources and taking notes, you’re even closer to having this bonus project done.

Keep in mind that ONLY students who are present and include their signature and printed name on the bonus assignment will be eligible for the bonus points. All other students automatically forfeit points. That said, groups CAN work together to make the assignment load quicker and easier, as long as each student takes part of the load.

You may want to review *HINT, HINT, HINT* what we discussed about Annotated Bibliographies. That could be VERY key to some of these points.

If you aren’t concerned about bonus points, let it go and forget this post!

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