Final Exam Preparation, part 1

A few brief reminders about the final exam…

First and foremost, the final exam is comprehensive, meaning that all parts of the course are eligible for the exam’s content. This means that you need to review the chapters, your class notes, and any additional resources you might have access to regarding the course content.

Second, it will be similar in scope to the previous exams, with 100 multiple choice questions and two essay questions.

Multiple choice questions will be worth 2 points each (200 points total).

The essay questions are 25 points each. Keep in mind that your responses should be thorough enough to merit full credit, free from grammatical and mechanical errors, and should promote thoughtful logic.

It is recommended that you consider what questions formed the basis of previous exams whenever possible. These questions have a tendency to reappear on the final exam.

I’ll be posting more information over the next week or so. Keeping that in mind, you are strongly encouraged to check the blog daily.


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