Course FAQs, part 1

Some of the most common questions I get asked begin on the first day of class. Here are some of the more regularly-asked questions with my responses.

Do I need a textbook for this course?

Yes. Absolutely. Without doubt. Your textbook is a vital resource and the basis for most of your tests and exams. Without a textbook, a student is at a real disadvantage in knowing the information that will be asked on the upcoming exams.

Do I HAVE to have the electronic version?

While the electronic version is incredibly beneficial to my students, it is not essential. If you feel most comfortable with print only, then please feel free to study and review it.

That said, my students who have used the electronic book have found it exceptionally helpful, as I can share information in a different way. In addition to the built-in resources from the publisher, including quizzes, review questions, self-surveys, videos, and more, I can highlight information and share it with you (look for blue highlights).

You can also highlight in up to 3 colors, marking different components of the text for yourself. You can also annotate the text (make notes with each highlight) to make things easier for yourself. Some students highlight passages in the electronic book and make notes during class when I discuss a passage or idea.

Is reading ahead REALLY necessary?

Again, yes, without a doubt, absolutely. If you do not read ahead, you will struggle to stay up with my ideas. A lot of students believe their college instructors cover material too quickly; the reality is that we (generally) cover at a pace that allows students who have read in advance to maintain their attention and still get notes down.


I’ll continue these ideas in future posts. Keep reading for more information!


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