Course FAQs, part 2

In the last post, I placed my energy and focus on the importance of the textbook. In this post, I’ll talk more about assignments and completion.

Why do you put everything in an assignment packet?

A few years ago, I simply posted information on eLearning and then required students to review those items, rather than focusing on a document. Unfortunately, most students forgot to review that information with each assignment. By providing you with a single document, all assignments are available with relative ease of finding the information you need.

Further, by keeping it in a single document, you simply print the assignment once, rather than trying to find each assignment’s information at will.

What are the deadlines on the pages about?

The deadlines on the pages in the assignment packet (booklet) are the due dates when I will collect your work. If you submit it after I collect (even because you’re late to class), your work is considered late, and therefore will earn a 20% penalty.

Do I have to follow the calendar you give me?

Only for the deadlines. Many students find the project-focus of the course a little overwhelming, so by providing you a breakdown of the assignments and areas of your focus, you can make notes where you will most likely remember to look. I recommend that you use your phone to set reminders, if you use a calendar or reminder function on your phone. Generally, it’s a good idea to set up reminders about 5 days in advance of a deadline.

If you use a traditional (print) calendar, be sure that you set a time aside each day to review your calendar and look ahead to the next 2-3 weeks. Many of the assignments for this course will require that you work ahead so that you don’t feel rushed and pressured on the day before the assignment is due.


Keep reading these posts! I have another few ideas coming up.

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