Textbook Reading Hacks: Know Your Learning Style

Okay, this is actually something I started using a few years ago, and it REALLY helped me, so I’m going to provide a couple of different versions of this type of post to help you along. This post focuses on visual learning.

To find out what type of learner you are, I recommend the VARK learning test, which helps you determine if you are primarily (not exclusively) a Visual, Auditory (aural), Read-write, or Kinesthetic leaner. I’ve hyperlinked above to the quick assessment.

Why is it important to know your learning style before you dive too deeply into a text? In the briefest explanation, knowing our learning style helps us to determine how to approach a learning experience. For example, if I’m primarily a visual learner, I probably get a lot out of pictures, charts, graphs, and colors used in a book, but may get nothing out of listening to a discussion on the same topic. Knowing that, I may be better suited to look at how my book lays out information, rather than participating in discussions.

However, if I am primarily an aural (auditory) learner, I can review a few key things from a chapter, get some base ideas and terms into my brain. That’s a start, but I may learn a LOT more from talking about the chapter with my classmates or my teacher. I might even retain more by using the online audio version of the textbook than by reading alone. Knowing that means that I can find different ways to remember material.

In the next few days, I’ll share some ideas on how to better learn from your textbook using your learning style!

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