Textbook Reading Hacks: Aural (Auditory) Learners

I went over how to determine your learning style in a previous post. If you learn primarily (or partially) by listening to others, you are SO lucky this year! I picked out our book with you in mind.

Our online textbook has built in recordings of every single section. This means that you can learn in your way without missing the content that your peers also use. With that in mind, here are a couple of strategies I am going to suggest to improve your learning this semester.

  • Listen to the audio of the text
  • Review the audio by summarizing and paraphrasing sections
  • Record your summaries using your cell phone or a voice recorder
  • Create a study group with other aural learners and discuss concepts
  • Meet with your instructor a couple of times to review concepts or ideas

When you have to take notes, such as in class:

  • Livescribe pens (though not cheap) can be helpful
  • Try to write down main ideas, not EVERYTHING
  • Try to review concepts or discussions by adding examples

I admit, I’m not a great auditory (aural) learner, so this is not my strong suit. Despite that, I can learn this way when I have to, and I am always willing to sit down with a student who needs to review concepts.


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