Textbook Reading Hacks: Kinesthetic Learners

Kinesthetic learners tend to have the least advantages in the traditional classroom. By having to sit still, these learners don’t always get concepts in the same way. I try to help this out in some ways by focusing on a variety of learning concepts, but still, the textbook poses a challenge… Until this year!

Using our online version of the text is actually really helpful for a kinesthetic learner, largely due to the fact that you can click on things throughout the pages.

As you read (or listen to) the text online, consider examples of each concept or idea. This helps make things more concrete and real. It will also help you remember how a term applies to a given situation.

You can also think in terms of steps or processes. Knowing how to do something can be really helpful to remembering a concept. So look closely at process charts or diagrams. Watch videos that show how something moves. If you’re confused, of course, come see me! I’m here to help you make sense of things!

In class, I try to have students get into groups. By forcing you to talk about concepts, you not only reinforce knowledge from the book (visual and aural), you also may be asked to explain it to someone else. This gives you practice in the concepts.

On your own, I’d recommend using the blog, too! I post things pretty regularly so that students have access to lots of information. You may have videos or brief posts to check out weekly!

You’ll probably also excel with presenting. Be sure to use the practice times I share to give you more opportunities to “do” something with your knowledge!


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