Test 1 (face to face classes)

With your first test next week, covering chapters 1-4 of your book, you may want to review key areas of the textbook. That said, I will remind you of the following ideas as you begin to study:

  1. Use the chapter objectives to help you better focus your study efforts
  2. Take notes as you read and review; not only does this help you retain information, but also it will help you when you review to sharpen your focus on important ideas
  3. Review a little each day (about 30 minutes) between now and then

The following information is not a study guide, but a key focus area, which will help you better gain insight as to where questions will derive. Keep in mind that anything in the chapter (unless otherwise stated–*ahem* chapter 2) is considered fair game.

Chapter 1

  • Introduction to chapter
  • Co-rumination
  • Importance of studying human communication
  • Components of human communication
  • Synergetic model
  • Influences of communication
  • Communication ethics

Chapter 2

  • Introduction to chapter
  • Contemporary approaches to studying human communication

Chapter 3

  • The importance of identity
  • What is identity?
  • Individual and identity
  • Individual, identity, and society
  • Ethics and identity

Chapter 4

  • Importance of Perception
  • What is perception?
  • Cognitive complexity
  • Individual, perception, and society
  • Improving your perception skills

You will also want to review the assignment packet for basic information (focus on pages 1 & 2).


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