Test 2 Review & Reminders

Again, I do not provide specifics regarding information about the exam; that said, I would recommend that you consider closely reviewing the following materials for your upcoming test, IF you have me for face-to-face class on MWF or TR.

Chapter 5

5.1       Introduction/Importance of Verbal Communication
5.2       Functions AND Components of Language
5.3       Individual and Verbal Communication: Influences
5.4       Language and Power

Chapter 6

6.1       Importance of Nonverbal Communication
6.3       Nonverbal Codes
6.4       Nonverbal Communication and Power
6.6       Improving Nonverbal Communication

Chapter 7

7.1       Importance of Listening
7.2       Stages of listening
7.3       Influences on AND Barriers to Listening
7.4       Social Hierarchy
BOX    Alternative View: Lurkers as Listeners
BOX    Communication in Society: The “Big Five” of Listening Competency

Don’t forget that you will also need to review major concepts from chapters 1-4. I highly recommend reviewing the following sections:

1.5       Communicating Competently
2.1       Paradigms, Theories, and Methods
4.2       What is Perception?


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