Midterm Guide

Once again, while I do not provide my students with a topic-by-topic study guide, I am happy to help you narrow down your focus. Please remember that if it is in the book or covered in lecture, the content is technically fair game for me to ask on any test or exam. That said, I am providing the following list that may help you understand where the bulk of your information will be coming from for the midterm exam.

An asterisk (*) indicates that a large number of exam questions are likely to derive from this section of material; therefore, you should prioritize this section of material

Chapter 1

1.1       The Importance of Studying Human Communication
1.2       Components of Human Communication*
1.3       A Model of Human Communication*
1.4       Communication Ethics
1.5       Putting It All Together: Communicating Competently

Chapter 2

Introduction to the chapter
2.1       Contemporary Approaches to Studying Human Communication*
In-class lecture over this material will also play a role in your exam*

Chapter 3

3.1       The Importance of Identity
3.2       What is Identity?
3.3       Individual and Identity*
3.4       Individual, Identity, and Society
3.5       Ethics and Identity

Chapter 4

4.1       Importance of Perception
4.2       What is Perception?*
4.4       The Individual, Perception, and Society

Chapter 5

5.2       What is Verbal Communication? Functions and Components of Language*
5.3       Individual and Verbal Communication: Influences
5.4       Individual, Verbal Communication, and Society: Language, Perception, & Power
Box Did You Know? On page 99, regarding Prescriptive & Descriptive Approaches

Chapter 6

6.3       Nonverbal Communication and the Individual*
6.4       The Individual, Nonverbal Communication, and Society
6.6       Improving Your Nonverbal Communication Skills
Box Did You Know? On page 124, regarding contribution of nonverbal to meaning
Box Did You Know? On page 30, regarding Expectancy Violations*

Chapter 7

7.3       Listening and the Individual: Influences and Barriers*
7.6       Improving your Listening Skills

Assignment Packet

Review the course big questions

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