Group Project Reminders

With your group project being due this Friday, March 4, by 11:55 p.m., I wanted to remind you a little bit about what you should be learning from the group project…

That said, I have had a few students tell me that they are having difficulty with particular members. That said:

I bring this up because several groups have contacted me about a lack of communication. Remember, this is a communication course! Your FIRST objective is always to find ways to improve your skills and effectiveness at communicating with one another. If you are spending no time communicating with your group, you probably are experiencing difficulty in completing the tasks associated with the assignment.

That said, there is STILL hope! (Yes, even 3 days away!)

Be sure that you have completed your components of the group project. Further, be certain that you have contacted group members when there’s a challenge you’re facing. Finally, ensure that you are carefully reviewing how your grade is earned. If you don’t take your own grade seriously, how can anyone else?

Once again, I am confident in your abilities to complete these assignments on time and effectively. Have faith!

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