Review Assignments & Agreements Carefully

As you begin preparing for the second half of the semester, you need to ensure you remain on track for success. One of the first keys of being effective is to check your assignment packet and review the directions and requirements of each project. Frequently, the questions I am most commonly asked are the ones that have already been succinctly outlined in the assignment description and instructions.

Secondly, you need to be sure that if you want the benefit of replacing your lowest test score with the equivalent final exam percentage, you need to be attending class regularly and on time. As stated in the assignment packet, you can only receive the benefit of the replacement IF you have attended 85% of class sessionsĀ on time, which includes staying for the duration of the class period.

Secondly, you must have no other zeroes on the projects. That means you have to ensure that your assignments are turned in on time and effectively.

With the remainder of the semester, that means you need to work toward completing everything effectively, especially your tests and your final presentation. This benefit is primarily designed to help you help yourself. I’m rewarding the scholars of this course for doing things that automatically help their own case and cause.

If you have questions, feel free to set up an appointment with me to clarify this little extra.


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