Test 3 reminders

As with all my previous exams and tests, you cannot simply ignore previous chapters. A couple of ways to help yourself in the coming exam might be to spend extra time reviewing the following sections of chapters 1-7…

  • 1.2 (dealing with the components of communication and synergetic model)
  • 2.1 (dealing with terminology associated with communication research)
  • 3.4 (dealing with components of identity)
  • 4.4 (dealing with power, culture, and historical time period)
  • 5.2 (dealing with the components of language)
  • 6.3 (dealing with the nonverbal codes)
  • 7.3 (dealing with barriers of listening)

While not all of these areas can or will appear on this test, you should be reviewing them now, not only for the next two tests, but also for the final exam, which is comprehensive!



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