Midterm Slumps

Every semester about this time, I see it happen: the midterm slump. Half the semester has passed by, and students begin to realize that college is a time-consuming, all-encompassing beast. Instructors all have assignments due, seemingly stacked upon one another. Tests are looming overhead and as you try to keep things together, you feel yourself being pulled into the comfortable silence of a much-needed break.

Yes, it’s tempting to let your mind go the week prior to a campus-wide holiday week. Yes, you want to give up, because you need more time in your life to accomplish all these things that are coming up.

On top of all this, you have demands of family, friends, and work. It seems that every part of your life is coming to a head, and you aren’t sure you’ll be able to survive.

Let me tell you: You WILL survive. You are strong enough and capable enough to handle all this. You are everything you need to complete these projects, handle this stress, and to come out stronger.

I mention all this because I see it on the faces of my students during this week, especially. Spring break is almost here (but hasn’t started yet). You review your calendar of upcoming assignments to realize that you have ONE. MORE. THING. to do. Every class. Yeah, it’s frustrating. But it’s important to persist.

Keep in mind that as you go into your spring break that you still have 5.5 weeks left in the course. With those weeks, you also have 450 points available to you, not including the bonus opportunity.

I have faith in each of my students to pull out of the midterm slump. If you need a little encouragement, come talk to me. If you need to get a reality check, I’m happy to offer one. But don’t give up. Not yet. Not when there’s so much left to demonstrate of your abilities!

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