Test #4, other notes…

As I do my best to help you better prepare for this last unit test, you might want to spend some extra time reviewing the 7 components of the communication process outlined in chapter 1. If I were a nicer instructor, I would tell you that it’s vital to know these 7 components of the communication process… but I’m not a very nice instructor.

I’d also suggest that you pay very close attention to the questions on the exam. You need to actually read the material very carefully and know terms, definitions, concepts, ideas, and examples of everything. This is not “new.” In fact, it’s been the structure all along.

Further, if you have paid attention to any of the previous tests and exams, you know that reading the book is fundamental to your ability to excel on these tests. You also may have noticed, if you take the quizzes on the electronic version of the book, a lot of questions overlap between being online and in your test.

Please do what you can to prepare and study effectively. I want you to succeed, but it does take effort on your part first. Keep studying and you can see your score improve!


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