Speaker Notes: Can-do extras!

I had a few students who asked me some questions that I felt might be best shared in this format. Please feel free to adjust your speaker notes accordingly, if these tips may help your comfort level!

As stated in class a couple of weeks ago, you can have a note card separate from your other counts with JUST citation information on them. This is for your initial oral citations, which must include (and pretty much in this order):

  1. Name(s) of the author(s) or source
  2. Credibility of the source (why should we trust them on this information?)
  3. Name of the publication (magazine, newspaper, journal, book, or website)
  4. Date the item was published

After the initial citation of a source, you should at least reinforce:

  1. Name(s) of the author(s)
  2. Title of publication OR date (if the same author has multiple publications)

You MAY also type out your key word notes/outline and hand-write only your delivery cues. However, IF you choose to do this, be sure that your text doesn’t go beyond the size of the 4×6″ note card.

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