Success reminders, again

One more reminder came to me as I was thinking about success… This graphic is pretty spot-on when it comes to my ideology:


Let’s be fair: some of us are not going to be medical doctors. Some of us COULD be, but that may not be where our passion lies. Others may WANT to be, but we don’t have the skills or talent for it.

I say this to actually tell you the basic, and difficult, life lesson I had to learn in undergrad: Not every class will be “easy.” Not every course will result in an “A.” Furthermore, an A-level effort in one course may work out to B-level in another.

Let’s be clear. I was the student who only had to do homework for all my classes in about 30 minutes each night. All my reading, all my math problems, all my science, and reviewing music for band or choir. ALL of it… 30 minutes a night. What resulted from that was a lot of high grades and a false sense of security when I moved on to college.

My first college test resulted in an all-essay exam that landed me an F. Not “kinda” failing, but FAILING. The problem was less that I didn’t understand the material or know how the concepts worked and more that I misread the chief question the instructor asked. I knew the principles. I had read and tried to grasp all that she had said. But I didn’t read the question the way she had written it, presumed half the question without really looking at what she asked for… and I failed.

But I only failed that test in the course. After I learned what the instructor wanted, I worked so hard the rest of the semester to study HER way. Not my way… not the way I had done in high school that helped me get by. I had to re-calibrate everything I had ever known about learning. As a result, I worked harder than I had ever worked previously, and my efforts were rewarded… I learned how to make a good grade in classes, even when I didn’t always make the best first impression.

All this to say: if you need to re-calibrate–now is the time to do so. With 400 points still remaining to be earned in this course, you can succeed, but it is ALL on you.

Keep studying. Keep working. Keep trying. As the picture above shows, it’s not just about going in a straight line. Sometimes you have to take a hard hit, cover things a second, third, and fifteenth time, retrace your steps, start over, and more, before you can get to success. But I have faith in you.


4 thoughts on “Success reminders, again

  1. This is such a great point and so true! I was the same and college was a big wake up! A lot more effort is required but the same kind of results can be achieved with determination 🙂


  2. Was this your subtle apology for making the questions on your test terribly vague to the point that you need a degree in Assumption to figure out what you are taking about?


    • I’m sorry you felt the test questions were vague. All the test questions came directly from the textbook for this assessment. Several students have told me that the questions were nearly identical to those from the eBook version’s review questions.


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