Day 3 of speeches

Overall, speech week is off to a great start! I’m really impressed with most of your efforts to share information about nonprofit and charitable causes. With so much negativity being portrayed in media daily, it’s really awesome to have this presentation shared that promotes all the goodness that still exists in our world.

I hope, too, that you are finding information that might be helpful to you about causes you may choose to support.

A couple of quick reminders for those of you who are finished with your presentations: just because a grade may be posted doesn’t mean that grade is final. As stated in the scoring guide, 10 points will be deducted from any grade for students who do not pay attention to others’ presentations. This includes absences, as well as working on (or reviewing) your own presentation notes during someone else’s speech.

Remember, it’s tough to get in front of the class already. Don’t make it harder by demonstrating disrespect to the person speaking. If we are talking about positive causes, it’s all the more reason to share a little good energy with others as they share their research with you. Help us help you!


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