The Power of Words: The TAKE-AWAY

The final post on words. Review these closely. I think you’ll find them helpful.


So, in my previous two posts, on the GOOD in words, as well as the BAD, I spoke of the power of words to heal us, to make us proud, as well as language’s power to hurt, to divide, and to diminish.

In this series, what I want you to understand is one critical and cardinal rule of communication: you have the power to choose the words you use. In each interaction, you can choose to use language to help others, to make them feel good about themselves, to empower people. You can equally, though not necessarily as beneficially, choose words that tear others down, that make them feel less than, or to make them feel powerless.

You may not have the biggest vocabulary, but you can choose to change that, too. Learn the meaning of a new word every day for the next week. Add the word to…

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